This is my own modest contribution to what is evidently a continuing dialogue about the nature of religious extremism on campus and the discussion as to what, if anything, should be done about it. Hopefully it will be of interest to both non-religious and religious students who are curious about…

I so want to do that.


I want this dress NOW!


I want this dress NOW!

reblog if you support marriage for everyone.

reblog if you support marriage for everyone.

Nadine Bloody Dorries

My email to Nadine Dorries after seeing her and Dr Evan Harris interviewed on TV and then a comment on Twitter where she said she had heard that Dr Harris had ‘Lost it’ during the interview. It seems they filmed her and him seperately and showed them consecutively;


Just for the record, Evan didn’t ‘lose it’, he floored you, took you apart and left you for dead. Why are you meddling in abortion issues anyway? A mission from God? Who is funding this?


Her reply;

Philip, Nadine can only responsive you provide your full postal address. It is quite ignorant to ask who is funding this, obviously no one.


Philippa Dorries
Parliamentary Researcher and Office Manager
Nadine Dorries MP for Mid-Bedfordshire
Tel: 0207 219 5928
Fax: 0207 219 6428




What would jesus do?

I want to meet God.

Dear St Thomas happy clappy type looking church in Crookes, Sheffield

Does it really say, “Meet God” over the door of your church? Do I have to make an appointment? Is he there all the time? Please let me know. I presume you are referring to the Abrahamic God. Is Jesus in attendance as well? Does that mean that the Holy Spirit is there too? I never really got the trilogy thing but at least you don’t believe that tribulation stuff with the wine and wafer becoming Jesus’ flesh and blood. That always sounded a little bit fetishistic to me.

I have spent a lot of time recently studying the bible and its origins and although I doubt that God really will put in an appearance (He doesn’t seem to do that much since his bestselling book), I would love to talk with some people who can explain to me what God does for them.